EASY student dinner - ready made for you!

Mon 17 Jan
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Do you want a fresh, nutritious and ready-made dinner for only NOK 59? Now you get the chance to try EASY - our new dinner concept for students!

Pilot project part two

EASY is SSN's second round of a pilot project in the eateries.

The project this time applies to students on campus Ringerike and the campus canteen, Kafé Alma and is available from 2 May - 13 May 2022.

The concept has been prepared based on students' desire for food on campus in the afternoon, as well as the opportunity to bring hot dinner home / or have the option to choose home delivery.

Find the EASY-menu here (PDF).

Order dinner
Chef at campus Ringerike prepares food

Pick up your takeaway in the canteen

The concept implies that you as a student pre-order and pay in advance for three to ten dinners at NOK 59 per meal. You pick up the food in the canteen on campus.

Would you like this to be an offer on your campus? Feel free to report via our Idea Bank!

Terms and conditions for test period of Ez-yyy student dinner:

  • The test period applies from 2 May - 13 May 2022.

  • You order your food through our form (or hit the Order dinner-button), where you will get a list of what is available.

  • The food you can choose from is also listed in this EASY menu for week 18 and 19 (PDF), with allergens and more specific info about each dish.

  • Deadline for ordering / changing your order is set to 10 am the same day.

  • The food must be picked up between 4 pm - 4.30 pm, which is after the canteen is closed for ordinary customers.

  • Price: NOK 59 per meal when pre-ordering three dinners or more.

    Prices EASY dinner

    • 3 meals: NOK 179

    • 4 meals: NOK 239

    • 5 meals: NOK 295

    Fill in the order form with the desired number of meals. The first time you pick up food, you pay for all your meals.

  • Payment:

    When you pick up the food in the canteen, you pay in advance for the meals you have ordered (minimum three).

  • Special needs / allergies? Arrive in advance of the canteens closing time (before 3.30 pm) and pick and mix your own dinner from Kafé Almas rich selection.

PS. We want your feedback on the pilot project, so please accept to take part in a survey when the food has been eaten.

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